Wisanggeni is the grandson of Bathara Brahma. He was bor prematurely because when he was still in the womb, his mother was tortured by Batari Durga. Batari Durga did not want Dresnala's son from Arjuna. Batari Durga wanted Dresnala to be married to Dewa Srani. Wisanggeni is a handsome, smart even genius, powerful and brave young man. His magic power is can't be harmed with any kind of weapon. He always speak harshly to anyone including Sanghyang Wenang.

The name Wisanggeni comes from Wisa and Geni. Wisa means poison, and Geni means fire. An incredible name, that can set anger in old men, friends, and moreover enemies.

WisanggeniTo see Wisanggeni's character, we actually see the rise of burning great passion. When he was born, he was already tested with several test in Candrdimuka crater. Just like when Ibrahim/Abraham was burn in fire when defending his faith. Candradimuka crater can destroy everything that is thrown into it, but when a tough would-be knight was put in it, this destructing power exuviate to power that forge. Just like when wrought iron, it is heated until it become ember, and put down in water. The fast-changing temperature makes iron a stronger material.

 A baby forged in Candradimuka crater who later named as Wisanggeni. Wisa and Geni. A young man must be 'poisoned', which means he should be given understanding and education about the right attitude, kindness and righteousness. These traits must be imprinted in one's heart, and flows down with blood just like poison that spreads quickly. These poisons adhere to a strong physique, which makes one is immune to other poison, such as dilapidation, falsehood, and greed later on, at anytime and in any condition. Next, when the power imprinted in all movements, the movement would be massive, heats up and burn, hence the burn. The fire is the passion in movement is the fire that burn all rage, holds up hypocrisy. The fire is the passion that advocate kindness and prevent evil. The Candradimuka crater will strip down thinking deprivation in young men souls.

 At the peak of these movements, the young man Wisanggeni is described that he can fly, walk as fast as the wind, and can enter the earth.

 That is how Wisanggeni is forged.

 On the other hand, awareness must be raised, Wisa and Geni, sometimes is formed ahead of its time, so that it is considered not appropriate to the current situation. This attitude is described in how Wisanggeni talk, which is not soft. Several stories told that Wisanggeni went to Astina himself to ask the Kuravas to return the throne to Pandavas. With no army, no Kresna, no Pandava, just alone.

 "Uncle Duryudana, I want the throne of Astina, now. You stay here, but the government is given to Pandavas. So that Astina is returned without war". That is how Wisanggeni directly talk, stating the truth and always to the point.

 Only one word, please accept that the one whose talking is the union of Wisa and Geni, united to rise in the belive of the true faith.

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Wisanggeni is the grandson of Bathara Brahma.